A Blog About a Blog.

So you’ve decided to start your own blog. With the love you have for writing It only makes sense that you would. You’ve researched which blogger websites are best and have finally decided on one that’s works for you. Now here you are, Sitting in front of a blank computer screen wracking your brain for some type of inspiration. If only inspiration came as easy as the time it took for you to become totally distracted. At this point you’ve completely zoned out. What does a great post consist of? What do people WANT to hear? Finally, a bit of inspiration leaks into your mind and you’ve got yourself a topic. As your fingers dance across the keyboard and your first paragraph is written, you stop and worry that the post lacks “wit” Sure enough, you begin to tap the delete button here and there and try to add a few words or phrases that you’re sure would attract some attention. While keeping in mind to continue to type what you assume would become a blogger hit, you finish up your last sentence and publish your first blog.. Glad that’s over. But wait. Blogging was supposed to feel.. fun. It shouldn’t have felt as if you were submitting a homework assignment to your English teacher in hopes that she will approve. Writing is your your outlet, your therapy. Why does it matter if some people feel your post isn’t good enough? When you think too hard on what makes a successful post, you really narrow your ideas and also your range of topics. At times, it may seem as if your ideas are dull or insignificant but in reality, somebody out there somewhere wants to hear what you have to say. That one story you’ve been dying to share but didn’t think would be blog-worthy could be your biggest hit. Why try to change your words to make them sound like someone else wrote them?  Express yourself in the best way you can, in your own words.. Through writing. 


The Pursuit of Happiness.

I’m not quite sure what it was about my trip to Austin, Tx last month. Maybe a little getaway and change of scenery that was much needed at the time. I can always count on my nights during SXSW to consist of great music and an abundance of good vibes. What could be better? I was surrounded by many people who seemed so carefree, so happy to be in their own skin. They seemed so different.. and I? I was envious. For the longest time I haven’t been able to shake the feeling of dissatisfaction. I wasn’t content with the direction my life was headed and even worse was the fact that I had no idea in which direction I wanted to steer towards instead. Im not quite sure what it was, but during that four hour drive back home from Austin was when it all hit me. Still carrying the very contagious vibes from the night before, I began to really look at the bigger picture. Right then is when I decided exactly how I wanted to live my life. From that point on nothing else seemed to matter. In all my 23 years of life, I can honestly say that there is no greater feeling than finding what can finally bring my life the satisfaction it lacked.


Many people wander throughout their entire lives lost. Not quite sure what they’re missing or why they can’t seem to quit going through the motions, the highs and lows of life. Which is why wasting two years working towards a nursing degree doesn’t bother me. I would much rather realize now that a degree in healthcare is definitely not for me than later be stuck in a career field that makes me miserable. What on earth was I thinking? Making a decision that will effect my life greatly such as choosing a degree based on the approval of others. I’ve learned that although we love having it, money isn’t everything. What possesses someone into thinking its acceptable to spend the most part of their lives working somewhere they loathe or only tolerate simply because that place pays a few extra bucks than the other? Life is too short and precious to be spent only caring about monetary things. 


Since my little epiphany I’ve recently started a few new things in my life including this blog. About two weeks ago I pulled my dusty acoustic guitar out of storage, tuned it up, and have been determined ever since to master the beautiful instrument. This morning, I walked into a local gym and started a membership. I’ve declared in my mind that I will let go of my very unhealthy drinking habits. The mind is a very powerful thing and surely I know there will be days where I will battle it in effort to stay consistent with my new goals and lifestyle. See, I’m trying this new thing that I encourage everyone to try and it’s where you quit THINKING and start DOING. For the longest Ive given all of these things much thought but never actually took the initiative to DO them. Always postponing for a later, more convenient time that never seemed to actually come. It all comes to the conclusion that there is absolutely no better time to start living your life the way you want than the present. 


I’ve always loved how the title of the movie “The Pursuit of Happyness” starring Will Smith was explained. In the film, Will Smiths character, Christopher Gardner, talks about the Declaration of Independence and the part about Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. He wonders how they knew to put the “pursuit” part in there. “That maybe happiness is something that we can only pursue and maybe we can actually never have it..” Pursue your happiness. If you haven’t learned already, nothing worth having in life is ever simply handed to you. Personally, I find happiness in Music and Writing, two things I can honestly say I have a passion for and is not influenced or forced on me by anyone else. Putting everyone’s opinions, my own self doubt, and thoughts of money aside, I have begun my pursuit of happiness. To anyone I may encounter along my journey who will try to bring me down, who will try to tell me that in these things I will not be successful, who will try to convince me that I could never make a decent living or that my dreams are far fetched.. Fuck You. I’m high off life. I live it for Veronica Esther and surely not for any of you.

5 Simple Steps to Help Kick Procrastination to the Curb.

I think we can all agree that nothing is greater than waking up with an enormous amount of energy. That feeling of wanting to accomplish, anything and everything. You wish the feeling would never go away but unfortunately, the motivation seems to have a habit of going away almost as fast as it came. If you find yourself having trouble getting your day started like I did this morning, here are a few tips you can follow that have helped me stay on the right track.

1. Stop Thinking and Start Doing.

The hardest part for me when attempting to get things done is not only waking up physically but waking up mentally. The more time you allow yourself to think about all of your daily tasks only makes it easier to come up with excuses for putting them off. DON’T GIVE YOURSELF THAT EXTRA TIME. The moment the thought pops into your mind, GET UP. Step away from that box of Oreos. Shut off the TV. Don’t give anything else another thought. Its time to get the ball rolling.

2. Make a Daily Task Checklist.

Prioritize. Determine whats most important and bump them to the top of your list. Write them down and check them off as you complete each task. Seeing it all written down not only organizes your thoughts, but it helps make them seem a little more concrete. I’ve found that with each check mark, a pleasant satisfying feeling usually follows.

3. Share Your Plans with a Friend.

When you keep goals to yourself and you’re already feeling  a little.. “bleh” you will most likely come up with excuses to make yourself feel better about the fact that yet again, you blew things off for another day. Everyone has that one friend who rarely holds back when it comes to telling you what you need to hear rather than what you want to hear. FIND THAT FRIEND. Get them to motivate you. Sometimes you need someone to point out when you’re being neglectful and will urge you to get off your bum.

4. Set a Timer.

Give yourself deadlines and try to get everything accomplished within a specific time frame. Of course things won’t always work out as planned, but if you try you are more likely to knock out your entire list rather than having to put others off for another day because of poor timing and too much time spent stalling. Another great way to stick to your scheduled time is to make a game out of it. Try beating the clock!

5. Healthy Eating.

Alright, it may not seem as if a change in diet could help shake off laziness but you’d be surprised at how much the right foods can contribute to an overall successful day. Sometimes lack of motivation derives from lack of energy. Well, guess what? Tons of energy can be found in some of the foods you have right in your very own kitchen. I personally don’t care for eating full meals early in the morning and I have found that a breakfast as simple as a banana and a spoonful of peanut butter is not only healthy but also a great source of energy. The best thing to do while you’re on the go is to stock up on plenty of yummy snacks that will provide that boost of energy you’ve been lacking.

Step out of your mind and seize the day. Today is the day for execution. The only thing standing between you and your accomplishments are the excuses and limitations you place upon yourself.